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Especially for mid sized companies and hidden champions as an attractive employer, access to universities is often difficult. And yet these companies in particular offer the best career opportunities for students and graduates. They, however, often decide for supposedly better career opportunities in economic agglomerations, because they do not know the possibilities of their own region.

Make the attention of young academics with ALPHAJUMP on your company, and inspire them for a career in the mid tier.

  • Software-as-a-service solutions for your active and passive recruitment
  • Sustained reduction in the cost of your personnel recruitment
  • Easy management using a full-fledged candidate management system
  • Use transfer of knowledge and technology optimally
  • Increase the level of awareness of your company in the university region

Your professional appearance on

Active search
Sophisticated search functions select the right candidates

Career portfolios
Here you will find all the skills of the candidates at a glance

Competence requests
With this you gain access to the curriculum vitae and other documents

Transparent lines of communication
Make exchange of knowledge and information transparent and interesting with features of Web 2.0

Increase of your employer attractiveness
Increase the level of awareness of your company in the university region

Contacts with qualified academics
Reach students and graduates on short lines of communication with business character

Optimise transfer of knowledge and technology
Solve complex problems in your company through the connections to the university

Efficient recruitment
Inspire dedicated students and graduates for your company

Full-fledged application management
Easy management of competence requests using a clearly structured system


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ALPHAJUMP integrates academic knowledge in your company

ALPHAJUMP offers you many ways to recruit qualified junior employees through an active and passive personnel recruitment. With the dynamic search functions you will find specifically the right candidates using the profiles of your counterparts.

A passive personnel recruitment via a web 2.0 job portal associated with direct exchange possibilities completes the functionality.

  • Active personnel recruitment using efficient recruiting functions
  • Illustration of the potential candidates through career portfolios
  • Passive personnel recruitment via a target-group-specific Web 2.0 job portal
  • Dynamic communication between all stakeholders

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ALPHAJUMP is the career network for students, graduates, universities and companies.

A career portal, that was specially developed for the target group, enables mid sized businesses and hidden champions a professional presentation of their corporate values, efficient recruiting functions and connections to universitites for a successfull transfer of knowledge and technology.
With the aid of a career portfolio students create a professional representation of their qualifications and skills for the first time. Thereby they make important contacts with interesting regional companies at an early stage in their studies and improve their career opportunities.

Thus ALPHAJUMP offers a unique connection between students, graduates and companies from the mid tier, in order to strengthen regions in long-term.
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  • Direct contact wipes
  • Professional appearance in the web 2.0
  • Low effort in your staff development
  • Efficient connections to science
  • Fast implementation through efficient filters
  • Increase of your prominence
  • Positioning as an attracitve employer


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